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We’re over the moon to announce our latest release – an extended EP on C44 transparent cassette from Stockholm’s purveyors of primordial brain-melting Swedish psychedelia, Kungens Män. Tomhetens Furste (the Prince of Emptiness) is released on 17 March in a strictly limited run of 50 copies, including a digital download code, handmade artwork and free Bubs Swedish raspberry and liquorice candy!

Kungens Män started out in 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden, when a bunch of good friends decided to bring some instruments when hanging out. The random jam sessions became more and more regular and soon Kungens Män started recording it all, completely unfiltered and without safety nets. The music soon found its way to the internet and a buzz occurred, connecting with listeners all over the globe. From the debut show with Master Musicians of Bukkake and onwards, every show has been a different story. Always new sounds and improvisations, different guest musicians, different happenings. Kungens Män are rooted in the psychedelic/drone rock tradition of bands such as Träd, Gräs & Stenar, but also add influences from krautrock, shoegaze, noiserock and free jazz. They will always add something new to the mix to challenge themselves and the audiences’ preconceptions about what Kungens Män are all about.

Kungens Män have played at festivals such as The Psychedelic Network Festival (Würzburg, DE), PsyKA Festival (Karlsruhe, DE) and The Copenhagen Psych Fest (DK) and played with bands like Øresund Space Collective, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Yuri Gagarin, Spelljammer, The Spacelords and Radar Men From The Moon. They also toured Europe in 2015 and 2016.

Their first vinyl-LP Förnekaren was released by Germany’s Adansonia Records in 2015, followed the next year with double offering Stockholm Maraton. 2017 sees the band’s first release on Eggs in Aspic with Tomhetens Furste – aka The Prince of Emptiness – three extended slabs of primordial brain-melting psychedelia that firmly cement the band’s position as frontrunners of this year’s global psych revival.

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