Pre-order Skyjelly – Góst Rock

We’re supper-stoked to announce the release of the mind-blowing second album from Boston psych experimentalists Skyjelly on Friday 3 February. Limited to just 50 copies on candy-coloured C60 cassettes in cream cases, Góst Rock is a six-track psych oddity that defies comparison. All releases come with a digital download code and free pink and white mice candy.

Skyjelly is there when meteorites crash into the ground. It’s in the trees and the grass. It’s there very early in the morning when most people are asleep in warm houses. What can we do? People change and we’re changing too – changing and dissolving into the air just as you finally see it. We’ll be there again. We always play.

Skyjelly isn’t a collective. Skyjelly is a band containing Skyjelly Jones, Erict Jones, Dave Melanson and Sheik. We live in a mill in Fall River with spikes on the railings to keep the child labourers from sliding down. But Boston is home too, as is Providence. Old furniture is everywhere (in case your house burns down) and the elevator works great. The band next door thought we were having séances and that’s mostly true, maybe. Not that it’s a necessary thing… lots of things walk around the building when no one’s looking.

Click here to pre-order the limited edition release now

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