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Skyjelly – Góst Rock (EIA005)

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Mind-blowing second album from Boston psych experimentalists Skyjelly. Limited edition of 50 copies on candy-coloured C60 cassettes in cream cases. Includes free pink and white mice candy + digital download card.

1. Seamagnet's the Bullet
2. Energy Vampire Weekend
3. High Neighbor
4. You're in a Chair in the Sky
5. Two Hawks
6. Blowing Up My Mind

Released: February 3, 2017

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Skyjelly is there when meteorites crash into the ground. It’s in the trees and the grass. It’s there very early in the morning when most people are asleep in warm houses. What can we do? People change and we’re changing too – changing and dissolving into the air just as you finally see it. We’ll be there again. We always play.

Skyjelly isn’t a collective. Skyjelly is a band containing Skyjelly Jones, Erict Jones, Dave Melanson and Sheik. We live in a mill in Fall River with spikes on the railings to keep the child labourers from sliding down. But Boston is home too, as is Providence. Old furniture is everywhere (in case your house burns down) and the elevator works great. The band next door thought we were having séances and that’s mostly true, maybe. Not that it’s a necessary thing… lots of things walk around the building when no one’s looking.

1 review for Skyjelly – Góst Rock (EIA005)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eggs In Aspic are fast becoming one of my favourite labels – for a new label they have certainly hit the ground running. They’ve already given us some red hot stoner rock from Smokonomicon, superlative psych/space rock from Oulu Space Jam Collective (read my review here) and a blistering live set from perennial faves Cult Of Dom Keller. We can add two more top notch releases to that already impressive roster; a new album from Skyjelly and one from Black Doldrums.

    Skyjelly have already graced these pages with a review of their ‘Blank Panthers/ Priest, Expert or Wizard’ album (review here), and very good that was too. They return, via Eggs In Aspic, with their ‘Góst Rock’ album. Comprised of 6 tracks that pretty much run the gamut from afrobeat based world music to full on Krautrock. Opener ‘Seamagnet’s The Bullet’ has the feel of a psychedelic Guided By Voices, a lo-fi indie track but with some lovely ringing guitars. ‘Energy Vampire Weekend’ extends the indie theme, if only in the pun in the title – the track itself is slow burning, melancholic number with metronomic, thudding drums under some soulful lyrics but it’s around the four minute mark when things become really interesting when the guitar breaks out into some impassioned psych…almost screaming in pain. ‘High Neighbor’ (another pun!) is an interesting track….it sounds very ‘world’ with some guitar straight from an afrobeat release and primal, tribalistic drumming and the vocals matching the afro vibe. It took me a good 3 or 4 listens to ‘get’ this but once there, gotta say I love this track. ‘You’re In A Chair In The Sky’ has a definite krautrock feel to it, from it’s Damo-like vocals to the broken snatches of coruscating guitar, all with an audible hum of bass underneath..probably my fave on the album. ‘Two Hawks’ is another ace track, full of chiming psychedelic guitar and more clockwork drums. ‘Blowing Up My Mind’ is lovely track, full of ethereal, keening vocals and more of that trademark Skyjelly guitar, coming together to create a track of beauty and lush atmospheres. This is not an album that will appeal to those who like their psych hard ‘n’ heavy, but anyone who likes music with intelligence, wit and imagination will undoubtedly get a great deal from this….a great album from a highly creative group of dudes.

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